Card of the Day - 08.01.2014 - Vorpal Cannon Dragon

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Card of the Day - 08.01.2014 - Vorpal Cannon Dragon

Beitrag von Noctis am Mi Jan 08, 2014 8:36 am

Vorpal Cannon Dragon
[AUTO](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):When this unit attacks a vanguard, this unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of battle.
[AUTO]:[Counter Blast (2)] When this unit is placed on (VC), you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your opponent's grade 2 or less rear-guards, and retire it.

It is the vice head of the Weapon Development Bureau, who is responsible for the development and administration of all existing weapons in the Empire, regardless of size and date of production. It has been famous as a weapon maniac since it was a mere soldier. Contrast to the head of the Weapon Development Bureau, who sees nothing except developing and producing weapons, it attaches much weight to the completeness of the weapon. "Weapons with only high power are minor ones, while those with considerations in everything---including capacity of catridge and energy, convenience of equiping, production cost and even their beauty---can be said as perfect weapons."---Though it is a passionate maniac who always perorates its view of weapons, it is very serious to its job. It tests every suspicious objects itself without relying on its subordinates. Its style of not forcing risky works to others wins the trust of its subordinates. In fact, it is more trusted than the head of the Bureau.
Being a first-class manufacturer, it never forgets the respect and responsiblity towards both the manufactured goods and users of its product.


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